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WG 2011-008
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Hay Wagon
This is a Pennsylvania-style Hay Wagon and was popular in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties. It is 18 feet long with a boat shaped body having flare sides. A high frame, such as an "A" frame, is fixed at one end and a pole with hooks on the other end to assist in holding and tying down large loads of hay. It was also called a Hay Rig. This wagon is painted dark blue green with a red gear and a small tool box on the front. The brake is located on the back of the wagon with a brake lever to pull on from the ground. The Gruber Wagon Works survives as one of the most complete examples of an integrated rural manufactory of its kind in the nation. Erected in 1882 by Franklin H. Gruber, the wagon works evolved from a single craftsman shop, having a variety of specialized hand tools, into a family-operated business which employed up to 20 men who utilized mass-production methods. Unlike a modern assembly process, wagon parts were transported back and forth between various rooms in order to complete a segment of the work.
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