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SL 2011-017
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2 Seat Albany Cutter
This is a two seat Albany Cutter. The back seat is made of bent wood which forms and egg shell appearance on the back of the sleigh. The sides are also bent outward and then inward to the middle seat. It has its original mohair upholstery. An attractive and popular cutter originated by James Goold, of Albany, New York, who began the manufacture of carriages and sleighs in 1813. His cutter developed over a period of years from a rude prototype into the final swell-side version, which is believed to date from about 1836. The body has a curving sweep of pleasing appearance, which afforded the painter a wide field for the display of his taste, for the panels were often colorfully decorated. The Albany Cutter, also known as a Swell-Body or Swell-Side Cutter, and as a Cutter, was widely copied by other builders, and retained its popularity until the end of the horse-drawn era. This Albany Cutter is adorned with beautiful hand painted original artwork.
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