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CR 2011-016
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Auto Top Cut Under Visa Via
This Auto Top Convertible Visa Via has leather covered fenders and dash. The top was recovered and the seats are tuck and roll brown leather. This carriage has front seats that can be turned to face backwards or forward. When the seats face the passenger in the back seat there is a small folding seat on the front for the driver making this a convertible Visa Via.

The American buggy, whose general design evolved from an earlier pleasure wagon, became one of the most popular carriages of all time. It was a most ubiquitous vehicle, popular in both town and country for shopping, business and pleasure riding.
By 1916, the year in which the automobile production finally surpassed wagon production, buggies were actually competing with the auto by advertising features as electric lamps and an "automobile top."

Vis--vis is from the French, meaning face to face.

This carriage was manufactured by the McLaughlin Carriage Co. Ltd. From Oshawa, Canada.
In 1908 McLaughlin Motor Car Company was established in Oshawa, Ontario. McLaughlin Carriage Co. and McLaughlin Motor Car Co. produce carriages, sleighs and motor cars. The first 154 McLaughlin-Buicks are built in Oshawa. 1909 a Buick wins the first race at the Indianapolis Speedway. In 1911 the battery operated self-starter is introduced. In 1915 McLaughlins form Chevrolet Motor Car Company of Canada and the first Canadian-built Chevrolet produced: the Chevrolet 490. McLaughlin Carriage Co. is sold after building 270,000 horse drawn vehicles.
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