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CM 2011-013
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Railway Express Wagon
This wagon was purchased from Tom Harrower in Cheyenne Wyoming. Tom Harrower Sr. Purchased a ranch from Pete Hood. This and several other wagons came from the Hood Ranch. Pete Hood was a character and was Lincoln County Sheriff and Wyoming State Pen Warden. Pete Hood Ranch was located approximately 15 miles north of Kemmerer in the Fontenelle Basin. The Harrower Family still owns this ranch. This wagon was restored in Bothwell Utah.

This mountain wagon was owned by Spears & Payne in Kemmerer Wyoming. They made deliveries of all kinds in the Kemmerer area where they were the agents for the Railway Express Agency. They specialized in moving furniture and other goods. This wagon made deliveries to the first J C Penney store in Kemmerer Wyoming. This is a very unusual mountain wagon as it is heavy built for commercial deliveries. The tail gate is unique as it has a bar that enables the end gate to open at three positions
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