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WG 2011-027
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Southern Stiff Tongue Farm Wagon
The late 19th century was the beginning of John Deere Wagon Company's outstanding wagon and running gear line. Wagons enter the product line early in the decade, soon followed by buggies. By century's end, company catalogs featured Old Hickory, New Moline and Mitchell wagons, as well as Derby; Red Star; White Elephant; Victoria; Goldsmith; and Sterling buggies. Five product lines dominate John Deere's output through the end of the 19th century: plows; cultivators; harrows; drills; planters; and wagons; and buggies.

This particular wagon handled almost every kind of hauling job on the farm. This wagon has a red running gear with the standard green John Deere Paint. This is a southern wagon and has a stiff tongue with chains on the end of the tongue instead of a wooden neck yoke.

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