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CR 2011-017
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Mark Hopkins Double C Spring Buggy
This Carriage belonged to Mark Hopkins merchant, railroad developer Born: 9/3/1814, Birthplace: Richmond County, Va. An astute businessman, Hopkins looked upon the California Gold Rush in 1849 originally for its mining opportunities, but quickly determined that selling supplies to miners would be more profitable. He and Collis Huntington opened an iron and hardware store in 1854 in Sacramento, where the two began networking with political figures of the day, including Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker, and Theodore Judah. When Judah devised a plan for a transcontinental railroad, Hopkins, Stanford, Crocker, and Huntington formed the Central Pacific Railroad (1861) to build it. Hopkins served as treasurer, and oversaw the completion of the railroad linking East and West at Promontory, Utah in 1869.
Mr. Hopkins died: 3/29/1878

This Carriage has an extremely rare double side c spring with top of the spring looking much like the Leather thoroughbraces carriers on a stage coach. This is a "thoroughspring", a patented steel spring offered by Doland and Scherb, of Sacramento, California, during the 1870's. Applied to light carriages, it was a continuous spring incorporating two C-Springs with a connecting "thoroughbrace." It is unlikely that is was extensively used. This carriage has fine workmanship, leather seats and carries four passengers. It is in original condition and at one time had been in the Henry Ford Museum. It was on display for a year at the Golden Spike National Park Visitor Center in Promontory, Utah.
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