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WG 2011-028
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Flare Top Farm Wagon
This wagon hauled almost every kind of hauling job on the farm. Its standard wagon box could be lifted off and other types of boxes or racks put on instead. Among other things, the boxes carried potatoes; hogs; corn; and boxes of apples. When haying time came, the "hay rack" was used for hauling loads of sweet smelling hay to the barns. At threshing time "bundle racks" were attached to haul the bundles of ripe grain to the threshing machine. After the grain was threshed, the original box was put back and loaded with sacks of grain to be hauled to the warehouses and flour mills in nearby towns.

This Flare Side Farm Wagon belonged to Floyd Chadaz in Tremonton, Utah. It was used in the 1996 Utah Centennial Wagon Train.
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