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WG 2011-031
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U.S. Army Field Gun & Limber
The 3-Inch Gun Limber, Model of 1902 was used to hook the horses or mules to and then attach the M1902 Field Gun and transport to where it was needed. The Limber also carried 40 rounds of ammunition. With the limber completely loaded with equipment and shells it weighs 1,740 pounds. Making the total weight of the M1902 Field Gun and loaded limber at 4,760 pounds. The tongue on the Limber has seen action and exhibits a bullet hole in it.

The M1902/5 was the U.S. Army's first steel, rifled, breech loading, quick-firing field gun. It was also one of the first artillery guns to have an armored shield to protect the crew from small arms fire. The M1902 was used from 1905-1917. This field gun weighs 2,520 pounds, the barrel is 87.8 inches, fires a 15 pound shell at a velocity of 1,700 feet per second with a maximum range of 8,500 yards.
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