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CM 2011-032
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Ridge Water Oil and Gas
Ridge Water Oil and Gas Company and many other petroleum firms once hauled their products in horse-drawn tank wagons, carrying coal, oil for lamps and stoves, and axle grease and machine oil to the livery stables for the conditioning of wagons and carriages. With the advent of the automobile, gasoline in increasing amounts was needed as well, so the tank was divided into two compartments for kerosene oil and gasoline. These compartments were connected to faucets at the rear of the wagon. The gas was bucketed out in five gallon cans. There is a counter on the back door to keep track of each bucket in five gallon increments. Axle grease was carried in the box on the back of the tank the with the calibrated measurement cans.

This wagon was pulled in the Days of 47 Parade in Salt Lake City by Dr. Richard Jones of North Logan.
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