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WG 2011-006
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Mud Wagon Stage Coach
Mud Wagon stage Coaches carried loads in dangerous and rugged terrain of West. They were heavier built than the less rugged Concorde coaches. They were called "mud wagons "because of their dependability during inclement weather thus they were covered with mud. This Stage Coach was used between Arco and Salmon Idaho. It was taken out of service in 1919 when it was replaced by a Hupmobile. Normally both the Concord and a stage wagons were pulled by six horses; these teams were replaced at each stage station, usually spaced about every twelve miles. Ben Holladay owned thirty two of these stages, and in 1860 he sent the first "through stage" from Sacramento to Portland clattering up California's Central Valley and over the Siskiyous Mountains. It made the trip, in the then unbelievable time, of seven days and nights of continuous travel.

This wagon was the lead wagon of the Utah Centennial Wagon Train in June of 1996 in which Eli Anderson the Wagon Master rode with Terry Thurston Driving. This wagon has been featured in many parades and celebrations throughout Utah and Idaho.
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