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CR 2011-012
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Studebaker Auto Top Surrey
The American buggy, whose general design evolved from an earlier pleasure wagon, became one of the most popular carriages of all time. It was a most ubiquitous vehicle, popular in both town and country for shopping, business and pleasure riding. This buggy driven by Eli Anderson carried LDS Church President and Sister Gordon B. Hinkley into Cove fort on the 1996 Centennial Wagon Train.

By 1916, the year in which the automobile production finally surpassed wagon production, buggies were actually competing with the auto by advertising features as electric lamps and an "automobile top."

Although the Surrey borrowed its name from a cart used in the County of Surrey, England, it is an American carriage built for American families, and it probably did more to unite scattered communities and families into a great nation of neighbors and friends than any other carriage or wagon.

This Auto Top Surrey was built by the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company.
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