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CM 2011-010
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Buggytowne Merchantile Wagon
This vehicle was originally used by a laundry company to pick up and delivery the laundry. On each side of the driver are elegant oval and beveled glass windows. The doors open in the back for loading and unloading goods and merchandise. There is a small oval window above the back doors at the top to allow for some light in the back. The original colors were used when this vehicle was restored. Before the days of television commercials and neon signs, and before the development of color printing, one of the principal advertising mediums was the business wagon. Delivery wagons often served the dual purpose of utility and traveling advertisement. Buggytowne Mercantile is painted on the sides of this wagon. Elegance of vehicle became associated with elegance of product, and, as a result, many vehicles were designed, decorated and ornamented quite beyond their utilitarian requirements.
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