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CM 2011-023
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Cole Transfer & Storage Wagon
After waiting for 15 years Eli Anderson was able to obtain this wagon from the Joe George family in Evans which is located Seven miles south of Tremonton, Utah. The wagon had been used by Art George who was Eli Anderson's Mother's Uncle. He was a horse trader and would go from Tremonton to Logan to Brigham City each week with a string of horses trailing behind. Art got the wagon from Cole Transfer and Storage in Ogden when they went to motorized vehicles. This wagon was in such bad shape that it broke in half when Eli and his wife Carol were pushing in the shop to restore it. Cole Transfer and Storage was owned by Carol's Grandfather's uncle. Carols Grandfather drove a team for Cole Transfer and Storage and they had 6 wagons. It has 4 pieces of original wood and took 18 months to restore.

An Express Wagon is a full fifth wheel freight carrying wagon that could turn so sharp that the horses were walking in the opposite direction to the back wheels. They hauled freight including larger parcels and boxes to homes or business in Ogden, Utah. The driver's seat is usually higher than that on a Delivery Wagon, and the body was provided with side top rail to assist in holding bulky loads. Occasionally the Express Wagon was hung on three elliptic springs, but more often it was on platform springs.
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