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CM 2011-024
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Studebaker Sprinkler Wagon
This wagon was originally owned by Box Elder County and ended up in the Snowville area. The Black family in Juniper Idaho north of Snowville acquired the wagon and put it on the knoll above the house where it fell to ruin. Eli Anderson bought the wagon and spent 19 months restoring it. All but one piece of wood on the fifth wheel had to be replaced. It has been used in many parades though out Utah.

A sprinkler wagon, provided with a suitable water tank and sprinkling device, was used for wetting down the dust on public thoroughfares. The tank on this wagon is built from clear cedar lumber. When the wood becomes wet it will expand and become very tight so that the tank does not leak. The wagon could be used to carry water for livestock drinking purposes. This vehicle was built by the famous Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company South Bend Indiana.
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