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WG 2011-003
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U.S. Army Escort Wagon
This wagon is painted in olive drab green and has flare side boards and a spring seat with a storage compartment under the driver's feet. The wagon, known as the standard four-mule escort wagon, had a load capacity of three thousand pounds. Perfected and standardized during and immediately following the Spanish-American War, hundreds of these wagons were used to patrol the Mexican border and thousands were sent to France during World War I to accompany the combat train and carry rations and supplies.

The box for this Four Mule Escort Wagon was obtained from Ralph Greene in Smithfield Utah. He got it in a warehouse in Salt Lake City and it had never been assembled.

It was used in the 1996 Utah Centennial Wagon Train and carried the Utah Logo on its canvas cover. It also traveled from Winter Quarters in Council Bluffs Iowa in 1997 to Salt Lake City celebrating the 150 years since the arrival of the Mormons to Utah.
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