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CR 2011-038
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Landau Carriage
This is a very nice Landau Carriage was made by Sievers and Erdman of Detroit, Michigan. It is a convertible as the top splits in the center and folds down towards the front and back of the carriage. The interior is finely trimmed with caned seats and upholstery. The top is black and the windows slide down out of the way of the top. It is a servant driven vehicle with nice lamps on the sides of the driver seat. This is the type of carriage that the Queen of England rides in at Buckingham Palace on special occasions.

A member of the Coach family, the Landau is essentially a Coach with a falling top. The body is like that of a Coach, from the belt-rail downward, but the top is made of two separate folding tops which, when up, lock together in the middle. The door is low, but arranged in the same manner as the lower part of a Coach door: a patent window fastener supports the glass frame when it is up. The patented supports, hinged so as to be folded down upon the door when the glass is lowered, were perfected by Frederick Wood, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, without which improvement the Landau would not have become so popular.
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