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CM 2011-021
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Concord Coach
This stage coach came from Indiana out of a restaurant. Prior to that this wagon was used in the early Western movie industry, including the movie She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and The Avenging Angel. This Stage Coach has been used in parades throughout Utah since 1992.

Built almost entirely at the Abbott-Downing workshop in Concord, New Hampshire, more than 3,500 of these coaches were shipped all over the world. The key to Concord's success was its "thorough-braces" or multiple leather straps, on which the body of the coach rocked. The prime function was to act as shock absorbers for the benefit of the teams.

In 1868 a trainload of coaches with two carloads of harness was shipped to Wells Fargo and Co. in Omaha. These larger Concords, built for the West, weighed about 2,500 pounds and carried nine passengers inside and as many more crowded on top. More than a half ton of baggage and express cargo could be loaded in the front and rear boots.

This Coach is equipped with blind driver doors in the front boot and behind the driver so that if the driver was shot or fell off the stage during the filming of a movie there would be someone else driving the coach out of sight of the camera.

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