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WG 2011-014
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Freight Wagon
This Freight Wagon was used to deliver the much need supplies in remote areas of the West. Pioneers and their wagon trains opened the roads west. These settlers soon needed sugar, salt and coffee, and over the new roads big freight wagons piled high with food and supplies came to their rescue. Loads of cowhides were sent back in the wagons, which creaked and groaned as teams of six to twenty mules or horses pulled them across the deserts and mountains.
These outfits with a load capacity of up to ten tons each were usually operated by two men; the driver, riding the wheel horse and controlling the teams with a "jerk line" to the lead horse, and the swamper, who clambered back and forth from wagon to wagon setting breaks. The extra double trees were used when the wagon became stuck, and an extra team could be added to extract the rig.
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