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CM 2011-045
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Keg Wagon
The wagon came from Leadville Colorado. This wagon was made by August Timpte Company about 14 miles from the first Coors Brewery in Golden Colorado. This wagon was used to supply beer to the miners in Leadville from the Coors Brewery. Timpte is still in the commercial transportation business and makes semi-trailers today. The restoration was completed in July of 2011 in Bothwell Utah.

These specially adapted wagons hauled kegs of beer from brewery to tavern, or to the bottler. While demand for bottled beer increased in the late 19th century, the federal tax structure made it difficult for brewers to put beer directly in bottles. The beverage first had to be placed in kegs and then transported to the bottler. Many brewers, discouraged by this costly and time-consuming process, had someone else bottle their products until new laws, passed in 1890-91, enabled the brewer to pipe beer directly from the brew house to the bottling plant.
This Keg Wagon was built in Denver, Colorado by the Timpte Company in 1893. There was a U.S. Patent, No. 495,441 issued to August Timpte on April 11, 1893.

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